What is the attraction of Carp Fishing?

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Size? Hard to Catch? Prestige? To be honest, Carp Fishing is all of these. Carp are notoriously difficult fish to hook. Once they have been caught, they become very cautious when feeding on baits. Despite their cumbersome look, many have learned ways to evade being caught. One particular trick, due to their cautious approach to new bait, will see the baited hook only have a split second of opportunity to grab hold of the carp. This is because the Carp will not take the bait very deeply into their mouths (unless you can create a need for them to feed quicker), therefore it does not give the hook much chance to catch hold of the fish.

Despite this there are two ways to make the life easier for the fisherman to catch carp. Firstly, by creating a feeding frenzy (not always easy with the very large carp), this will encourage the carp to be less cautious about taking the bait. This is mainly down to the sudden competition for the food, the carp becomes more concerned with getting enough to eat, than whether the bait has a hook, and will generally take the hook into its mouth much deeper giving the fisherman a better chance of reeling the fish in.

The second way to catch carp is to use a baiting campaign. A baiting campaign would see the angler regularly throwing between 1-2 kilos of bait (that they want to fish with), in various areas of a lake or pond. Over time, this creates a false sense of security for the carp, as they will have learned that they do not get caught when eating this "new" type of bait. The baiting campaign can take place up to one month BEFORE the angler is looking to fish in that fishing spot.

Carp fishing is also about size. There are many varieties of carp including, common carp, mirror carp, leather carp, crucian carp, grass carp, and ghost carp. The smallest of these is the crucian carp, which can grow up to a maximum length between 1-2 feet, and a maximum weight of up to 4lb or 1.8kg. Ghost carp normally grow up to 1-2 feet as well, but can weigh more – upto 10lb or 4.5kg, however they have been known to grow to 4 feet in length, and reach weights up to 50lb or 22.7kg. Leather carp have similar sizes and weights to the ghost carp. But the "daddies" of the carp fishing world are the common carp, mirror carp and grass carp. Mirror carp can grow up to 60lb, whilst common carp and mirror carp can grow up to 80lb. Generally common & mirror carp are about 10lb in weight and 1-2 feet in length, and wild common & mirror carp are likely to weigh much less than their stocked carp brothers or sisters.

Finally there is the prestige. There is nothing better when carp fishing than fighting with a "beauty", and eventually getting your picture taken with a "monster" of a fish.

Our website aims to bring you all aspects of carp fishing including, tips & techniques, fishing tackle, where to fish, stories, forums and much more.

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