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Pike are Britain's number one predatory fish. Pike have been known to eat small duckling, small water fowl, many other species of fish, and small rodents such as rats. They have also been known to eat a few fingers from careless fishermen!

Pike fishing is an exciting discipline of fishing, and there are several techniques used to catch Pike.

"Sink and draw" or "Sink and pull" is a popular technique when Pike Fishing, and can be used with Lures or with dead bait. The lure or dead bait is attached at the end of a wire trace. This stops the Pike escaping by biting through what would normally be fishing line. The method behind "sink and draw" is to imitate the swimming patterns of an injured fish. This becomes an easy target for the pike, and increases the chances of the fish taking your bait.

The second technique to catch pike is to use livebait. Please note many areas have differing bye laws regarding the use of live bait so please check with your local fishing authority before preceding with this method. Despite it being viewed by some as a controversial form of fishing, many fishermen believe the use of live bait greatly increases the chances of catching a pike. There is no need to imitate a fish, as you have an actual, live one on the end of your wire trace.

The most popular live bait is a shiner. This is the common name for several types of small, shiny, silver fish. Other live bait includes chub, roach and gudgeon, as well as other fish between 5 inches and 15 inches (depending on the size of pike you are looking to catch).

Fly fishing is also used to catch pike, however, please see our fly fishing section for more information and details on this subject.

Please call back for more information about fishing for pike once our website has fully launched.

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